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The following is “Circular textile flow” regarding the policy of privacy right on line. If a user has any questions about the policy of privacy right on "Circular textile flow"or the related matters to personal data, he can use e-mail or "Circular textile flow" to contact with us. We will reply as soon as possible.


A.The Acquisition of Personal Data

In principle, when a user enters the related website of "Circular textile flow", "Circular textile flow" will record the IP address of the user on the website and the related information such as browsing activities on the website of “Circular textile flow”. However, the above information is for traffic analysis and online behavior survey to improve the related quality of website service of "Circular textile flow". The above information is only used as the analysis of total flow, not contacting with any specific individual.

B.The Use of Personal Data

The personal data obtained by the website of “Circular textile flow” is used only for “Circular textile flow” within the use of internal,the original description, and the scope unless a notice in advance or in accordance with the relevant laws. Otherwise, "Circular textile flow"will not provide the user's personal information to the third parties or for other purposes.

C.Data Security

“Circular textile flow” will endeavor to ensure the security of all personal data with reasonable technology and procedures.


D.The Method of Query or Correction

If the user's personal data is changed or the personal information is found to be incorrect, you can request corrections at any time on the website of "Circular textile flow", including requesting to stops ending the relevant information etc.


For the convenience of a user, some parts of websites of “Circular textile flow” may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for user's personal needs; Cookie is a kind of technology used by a web server to communicate with a user's browser.It may store certain information on the user's computer, but the user can cancel or restrict this function through the browser settings. If the user wants to know how to cancel or restrict this function, please contact with the customer service center of “Circular textile flow”.​

F.The Changes of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time, but "Circular textile flow" will not reduce the rights granted to a user by this privacy policy without the user's consent. If there are changes, most of them are minor revisions. “Circular textile flow” will post all changes to the privacy policy on the website. Each version of this privacy policy will display an effective date. "Circular textile flow" will also archive the archived version of this privacy policy for a user to review. If a user has any other questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to contact with "Circular textile flow" through the website.



The following is the policy of the "Circular textile flow"regarding the copyright statement.

The contents of all published on this website, including but not limited to text, images, works, archives, information, website architecture,visual presentation arrangements, audio and video, etc., unless otherwise specified, all contents of the website are "Taiwan Textile Research Institute" is licensed or used by copyright holders, and protected by Copyright Act in Taiwan, R.O.C.


All publications are used for downloading only by the contracting.Anyone who violates the copyright of our company or the other relevant acts the company will pursue the law. In addition, copying or re-copying "The contents of all publications" to the other servers or media for the purpose of making more reproductions or distributions is also expressly prohibited.


No one may use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, publicly perform, modify, distribute, distribute, or publish without the consent or authorization of this website.


If a user believes that any contents of web or service on the website haves infringed the user's own copyright, please provide the relevant information and statements and contact with the website after signing or stamping. The website will immediately deal with the relevant specifications.


The trademarks of Taiwan Textile Research Institute, the other website, the service marks and products of the website, and the name of service(hereinafter referred to as "trademark information") are owned by the Institute. You agree not to use the company without the prior written consent of the Institute. The information of trademark is displayed or used, or it indicates that you have the right to display, use or otherwise process the company's information of trademark.




The following is the policy of “Circular textile flow” regarding the terms of service.


A.Cognitive Clause

"Circular textile flow"(hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) provides services in accordance with the specifications of these terms of service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”). When a user browses or uses the service of website(, the user has read, understood and agreed to accept all contents of these terms of service. Furthermore, when the user uses a specific service of "Circular textile flow", it may be subject to the terms of service or the related regulations as otherwise announced in accordance with the character of the particular service. Additional terms of service or the related provisions are also incorporated into this part of the terms of service.

Taiwan Textile Research Institute reserves the right to modify or change the contents of the terms of service at any time, and a user is advised to pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. The continued use of the service by the user after any modification or change is deemed to have been read, understood and agreed to be accepted. If the user does not agree to the contents of the terms of service, or if the user’s country or territory excludes all or part of the terms of service, the users should immediately stop using the service.


Besides complying with the above requirements, if the user is under the age of 20, and the user's parent (or guardian) should read, understand and agree to all the contents of the terms of service and the subsequent changes,before using or continuing to use the service. Once the user continues to use the service, it is presumed that the user's parent (or guardian) has read,understood and agreed to accept all of the terms of service and subsequent changes.

B.Linking to the Third Party’s Website

The Service or the cooperative contractors may provide to link to the other websites or the network resources. You may therefore link to websites operated by the other businesses, but this does not mean that the service has any relationship with such businesses. The websites operated by the other operators are the responsibility of each of them, not within the scope of this service control and responsibility. You also agree that the service is not liable for any damages resulting from your linkage to a website that is not part of the service.

The website does not guarantee that the information or advice obtained by a user using the service or the other websites linked through the service is completely correct. This website has the right to modify or delete the information or suggestions provided by the service at any time.

The website will be cooperated with the other content of providers who provide all kinks of information for posting on the website. The website will also place the information to respect the contents of provider's intellectual property rights. The website also does not make substantive examinations or modifications to the contents provided, not responsible for the correctness of the contents.


You clearly understand and agree to:

The website service maintains the operation of the website based on the"status" and "existing" basis. The Company has the right to suspend the supply of the service in the following circumstances, and is not liable for any prior notice. The Company shall not be liable for any compensation or obligation for direct or indirect damages.

  • Such as relocation, replacement, upgrade or maintenance of the related hardware and software equipment are on the service website;

  • The service caused by natural disasters or the other force majeure factors is stopped or interrupted;

  • The service is stopped or interrupted due to service interruption of the telecommunications or website company, or the other services that cannot be attributed to the company;

  • The service is affected by external forces, resulting in the incorrect information displayed, or forged, altered, deleted, retrieved, or caused by the system interruption or malfunction;

  • A user suspends or terminates the service for the user who is in violation of the terms of use or decree of the service;

  • In the other situations, the company believes it is necessary to suspend or terminate the service


The company does not guarantee as the following:

  • The service will meet your requirements.

  • The website will be undisturbed, provided in a timely manner, safe and reliable or will not go wrong.

  • Any products, services, information or the other information you purchase or obtain through this site will meet your expectations.

  • Any errors in the software will be corrected.


Whether you use this site to download or obtain any information should be considered by you and at your own risk. Any damage or loss of data of your computer system caused by the download of any data will be borne by you at your own discretion,not related to the website.


Any advice or information you obtain from the website, whether in writing or orally, will not constitute any warranty other than these terms of service,unless expressly stated in the terms of service of the website.


The following is the policy of “Circular textile flow”, which is operated by Taiwan Textile Research Institute, on the obligations and rights of users. The user undertakes not to use the service for any illegal purpose or manner and is committed to comply with the relevant regulations of Taiwan, R.O.C and all international practices in the use of the Internet. If the user is other than Taiwan, R.O.C,you agree to abide by the laws of the country or region.


A.For the process of violation such as the following circumstances, the company may suspend or terminate all or part of your purchases and services at any time if:

  • Use the other people's accounts, personal data, credit cards, financial accounts,etc. to conduct transactions.

  • The request of government agencies or judicial units

  • Unexpected machines or the issues of security

  • Involved in wrongdoing behavior

  • The related cost of service items is unpaid.

  • Violation of the terms of the website or the other illegal circumstances

The company will suspend or terminate all or part of your shopping, and service eligibility in accordance with the terms of service,without your consent and any obligation or liability to you.


If the law or other relevant requirements are required to be notified, the service may include, not limited to e-mail, general letters, newsletters, multimedia newsletters, text messages, postings on the service website, or the other current or future reasonable notices which include the changes to the terms of service.Nevertheless, if you violate the terms of service and access the service without authorization, you will not receive the above notice. When you access the service through an authorized method that agrees to the terms of service, it means that you agree any and all notices given to you by the service are deemed to be served.

C.Special Warning for International Use

You understand the “Borderlessness” of the Internet and agree to abide by all local laws and regulations regarding online conduct. You specifically agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the transmission of information from Taiwan,R.O.C or your country or region.

D.Service Changes

The research is entitled to modify or terminate the service of website (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time regardless of its notice. You agree that you will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension, or termination of the website.


If you infringe the rights of any third party in violation of the terms of service and thereby derivative or cause any third party to make any claim or request against the site, you shall be liable for damages (including but not limited to litigation fees and lawyer fees, etc.).

F.General Clause

  • The terms of service constitute the entire agreement between you and the institute and govern your use of the service and supersede all of the previous agreements between you and the institute. When you use the company's related services, use content or software provided by the third parties, you should also comply with the additional terms and conditions applicable to the service.

  • The interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as the related disputes to the terms of service, it shall be governed by the laws of Taiwan,R.O.C.

  • The interpretation and application of the terms of service, as well as the related disputes to the terms of service, it shall be governed by the laws of Taiwan,R.O.C.

  • If the provisions of the terms of service are ineffective due to the conflicts with the laws of Taiwan, R.O.C, the other provisions of the terms of service shall remain in the full force and effect.

  • The title of the terms of service is for convenience only that does not have any legal or contractual effect.



  • If any person is found to be in violation of the terms of service, please notify us.

  • The interpretation and application of this agreement and the related disputes shall be handled in accordance with the laws of Taiwan, R.O.C, and the jurisdiction of the company is the court of first instance.

If you have any doubts about the use, please contact with the service mailbox:

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