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Jo-Hwa Li was graduated from Department of Product Design and Institute of Organic and Polymeric Materials, specializing in study on the Eco-Design Capability of Taiwan Textile Industry and develop the requirements of textile quality control. I'm responsible for Testing and Analysis section, Department of Testing and Certification, TTRI. I had provided auditing service for 3 year of the Environmental Verification Program of adidas , joined the Renewable Energy Advisory Group of Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute and provided consulting service for 5 items of Cradle to Cradle product certification to textile sector in Taiwan with ISO 14001、PAS 2050、ISO 17065、ISO 9001、ISO 17025 … certification.

In 2010 and 2012, she had visited MBDC and EPEA to Learn the design concept and product certification skills. Wish to help Taiwan Textile sectors toward circular economy.

李若華目前擔任TTRI 檢測及驗證部 檢測分析組副組長,取得產品設計與有機高分子碩士,專長領域為紡織產業生態化設計之研究,曾經執行品牌環境及勞工安全稽核專案 3 年,協助台灣紡織產業取得搖籃到搖籃(C2C)產品認證 5 項及擔任搖籃到搖籃創新研究所能源管理小組規範審查諮詢委員,擁有 ISO 14001、PAS 2050、ISO 17065、ISO 9001、ISO 17025、….等等證書;於2010與2012分別至MBDC 與EPEA 學習C2C設計與產品驗證,可協助國內紡織業界邁向循環經濟之轉型。

Jo-Hwa Li

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