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A: I got the solution of my question, This library is used for drawing JFreeChart (freechart) charts: org.jfree jcommon 1.0.15 Problem solved, Thank you all. Try This URL = "file:///D:/smiles/jfreechart-3.0.6-source/jcommon/src/com/jfree/chart/axis/"; Source = "D:/smiles/jfreechart-3.0.6-source/jcommon/src/com/jfree/chart/axis/"; Scanner in = new Scanner(new File(URL)); in.useDelimiter("(\{|\}|\[|\]|\n|\r|\,"); while (in.hasNext()) { int i =; if (i == '[') { isArray = true; } else if (i == '{') { isObject = true; } else if (isArray) { scanObject(in, objectStack, isObject);





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Bupena Kelas 5 Sd Pdf Download lyzabal

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