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Promotion of the Circular Economy through Yoga

According to a 10-year study on high-level management by Mckinsey & Company, the efficiency of such management level exhibits a five-fold increase when it attains a “state of flow.” Therefore, Circle Economy, an Amsterdam-based organization promoting the circular economy in the Netherlands, is holding a yoga experience session at the Royal Concertgebouw Hall to enable senior management levels, creative directors, and managers to experience “the flow.” The aim of this activity is to enhance concentration, endurance, and intuition while reducing work stress through breathing and meditation. Huang Hsu-Hui, a teacher who has long been active in yoga education in Taiwan, proposes a similar view, as follows:

Opening one’s innate awareness through breathing is like launching the GPS system of life. “Intuition”, a reaction faster than the brain can think, surpasses the senses and enables one to instantly and accurately make optimal judgments and decisions.

In an era of information explosion and uncertainty, high-level management employees should be equipped with this ability to make accurate judgments and decisions.”

Chiara Meyer (inspired by Yoga)

The United States, European countries, and China are fully dedicated to promoting the circular economy, and have integrated the Oriental thinking of yoga into their work environment. From a textile industry perspective, this means that the market for yoga clothing will continue to grow, and that soft, comfortable, functional fabrics with moisture-absorption and quick-drying features will be increasingly indispensable.

*According to Euromonitor, it is estimated that the functional clothing market will achieve 4% annual growth in global sales by 2020.

*Following the popularization of tight-fitting yoga pants and sports tops, “athleisure,” a new word combining “athletics” and “leisure,” has emerged to designate an integrated sports and leisure style.


根據麥肯錫研究為期10年針對高階管理階層的研究中發現,當高階管理階層達到”流動“狀態(State of flow)時,他們的工作效率提高了五倍。因此,Circle economy 是位於荷蘭阿姆斯特丹,為荷蘭全力推動巡環經濟的組織,即將舉辦在2018年10月5日於皇家音樂廳舉辦瑜珈體驗活動,讓高階管理階層,創意總監或者是經營管理者,體驗”流動”(Flow),透過呼吸與冥想,提升其專注力、耐力、直覺力,以降低其工作壓力。國內長期投入瑜珈教育工作的黃旭徽(Huang Hsu-Hui)老師亦提出相同看法,他曾提及:

透過呼吸開啟自己內在的覺知,就如同打開生命的 GPS系統-「直覺力」,反應比大腦思維還快,超越感官的能力,可即時準確的做出最好判斷和決定。


歐美、中國全力投入循環經濟的推動,將瑜珈(Yoga)的東方思維帶入工作中,以紡織產業的角度,這意味著瑜珈服的市場將持續增加,柔軟舒適、吸濕快乾的機能性布料(Functional fabrics)將不可或缺。

*Euromonitor的報導,全球機能性穿著單品市場,預估至2020年全球銷售年增長率至少還會上漲 4 %。


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