Christmas Trees Recycling on Berlin Streets: Think of it for you first

In Berlin , before social design will First, explain to the public on how to respond to the action. Stand on the public side to solve the problems by first answering the questions and explaining how to reuse after recycling before the people have not asked about it. The used Christmas trees are not trash but can turn into a resource again. A successful communication method is to enhance the public’s participation. Let’s take the advocacy of Christmas trees recycling on Berlin streets in January as an example.

BSR網站宣導圖片© BSR(Source:BSR、ALBA)

Such action is responsible by the Berlin City Cleaning Company, Berliner Stadtrenigungsbetriebe (BSR), an organization affiliated to Trenntstadt Berlin. So this promotion is also the responsibility of BSR. After reading this recycling notice written in the community newspaper, the writer would like to share how this recycling unit communicates with the public to enhance their participation.

How to do it?

First of all, tell the public that they can also check online when the unit will come and collect the Christmas trees on their neighborhood. They can place the trees on the streets a day before in the evening or 6 o’clock that very day. There are no fixed places to place the trees, only on the streets, and everybody is asked to gather the trees into one place voluntarily to ease the burden of the work personnel. They should further remove the tree decorations, including the metal wires. It is not necessary to cut down the trees into smaller pieces or place them into a plastic bag. The text also explained that, in doing so, it would increase the subsequent workload. It is also noted that, if the public wants to throw the trees early, they can place them in 15 designated recycling locations.

Why doing it?

Every year, BSR recovers about 350,000 used Christmas trees from the streets. These trees will become the materials for alternative energy generation after being shredded by a special machine. The public is also told not to place the trees into the organic recycling bins because the trunks and branches cannot be fermented. Finally, the advocacy concluded with cute general knowledge. The recycled Christmas trees cannot be used to feed the elephants in the zoo because only the trees that “have not been used,” such as the trees that the Christmas tree merchants have not sold this year, can only be used as the elephant’s food.

Environmental awareness needs to be announced year after year continuously with updated technology and policies. The main points that will not change are: to solve people’s troubles, to enable the people to do conveniently, and to enhance their participation.



這項行動由隸屬柏林分類城市(Trenntstadt Berlin)組織的柏林城市清潔公司(BSR,Berliner Stadtrenigungsbetriebe)負責執行,因此這項宣傳也由BSR負責。筆者是在社區報紙看到這則寫成報導的通知,在此分享這間回收單位如何與民眾溝通,提高參與度。