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Taiwan Circular Textile Initiative (TCTI) was founded by Taiwan Textile Federation and Taiwan Textile Research Institute on June 12th, 2019. Shih Yen-Hsiang, the prior economics minister, is the convener, and there are more than 40 members.  


In response to the international trend of recycling eco-friendly resources and Taiwan government’s “5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan”, a non-profit industrial organization was set up. It is the combination of government, industry, university, and institute so that the innovative technology of resource recycling of Taiwan's textile industry can be built up.


Through experience exchange, information sharing, observation and learning to share the idea, experience, and technique of green cycle through reengineering, redesign and redefine.


Eventually, advocate enterprises to independently invest in products recycling in the external cycle, and achieve better efficiency of resource use, waste reducing and natural pollution avoiding by business transformation. This aligns with the international trend, thereby enhancing the development and transformation of the textile industry to accomplish the goals of environmental protection, waste reduction and regeneration, and resource recycling.

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