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The sensation of the circular economy rises globally in recent years. The issue and technology of eco-friendly resource recycling are widely discussed in various industries and are generally concerned by international brands. Taiwan's textile industry plays a decisive position in the global supply chain. In response to the trend of eco-friendly resource recycling, Taiwan Textile Federation and Taiwan Textile Institute co-founded Taiwan Circular Textile Initiative (TCTI). Advance the alliance of innovative recycling techniques in the textile industry by combining sources from government, industry, university, and institute.
​​​TCTI expects to share the concept, experiences, and technology of the green cycle in the textile industry by experience exchanging, information sharing, and empathic learning. This allows to improve the research and development of textile and drive the industrial transformation. The aim of environmental protection, waste reduction, and resource recycling could be achieved. 
We welcome people who agree with the view of environmental sustainability and resource recycling and are willing to participate, share, actuate, exchange related experiences to become a member of TCTI by filling out the application form with the given QR-code or click the blue button on the right side.

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